F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed cocktail recipes

The one where you make these epic cocktails

Get creative and make one of our three Friends-inspired cocktails at home. For Chandler, it’s a classic Whiskey Sour, for Monica the Tiki Death Punch, and for Rachel? Le Citron Fizz, because she’s fancy.

CHANDLER: Whiskey Sour (Rocks)

Could this drink BE any more tasty? This Sour classic is for you if you're funny, sarcastic and a little sweet on top…


50ml bourbon (our choice is Old Forester)

20ml lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

1 dash angostura bitters

20ml egg white


Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a shaker (if you haven’t got a shaker, a protein shaker will do)

Step 2: Add a scoop of ice and shake twice to break up the egg white

Step 3: Pour through a strainer (or small sieve) and garnish with a lemon wheel


RACHEL: Le Citron Fizz (Flute)

Partial to running away from your own wedding? Own more pairs of shoes than All Star Lanes? Then you deserve this classy and elegant tipple.


20ml vodka (our choice is Grey Goose Le Citron)

10ml St. Germain elderflower liqueur

10ml elderflower cordial

10ml lemon juice

Soda top


Step 1: Add all ingredients except the soda into a flute glass

Step 2: Stir until combined

Step 3: Gently stir in the soda and garnish with an orange twist


MONICA: Tiki Death Punch (Tankard - served frozen)

Hey, Rach. How would you like some Tiki Death Punch?
What’s that?
Well, it’s rum, and…



30ml white rum (our choice is Wray and Nephew)

10ml dark rum (our choice is Havana Club 7yr)

15ml cream of coconut (our choice is Coco Re'al cream of coconut but tinned cream of coconut will do)

15ml lime juice

1 banana

20ml strawberry syrup 


Step 1: Put all ingredients and a scoop of ice in a blender and blend

Step 2: Pour into glass and garnish with mint


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