#VEGANAF ... We're teaming up with Biff's Jack Shack to create some filthy, junkfood masterpieces this Veganuary...

WINGZ 2pc - £6 / 4pc - £10 Jackfruit wingz on a sugar cane spear. Try both toppings or keep them all the same  and get messy!

Soyz in the Hood (ve) 

Sticky maple, soy, ginger & garlic glaze, red chilli, crispy onions, coriander

Cheezy Barbie (ve) 

Bourbon infused BBQ sauce, beer cheeze, spring onion


El Jackitan (ve) 

Jackfruit patty, fresh guac, beef tomato, tortilla chips, sliced red onion, maple chipotle hot sauce, torn coriander, nacho cheeze


Dirtbag Melt (ve) 

Skinny fries, beer cheeze, seitan bacun, sweet pickle sprinkles

Ts&Cs: Veganuary special menu will be available across All Star Lanes venues from Tuesday 8th January until Sunday 3rd February on a first come, first served basis. All children must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over