All Star Lanes offers the following services for well behaved dogs across our Brick Lane and White City venues, in certain areas. 

•    We ask that dogs are kept on their leads with a maximum of 2 dogs per lane at one time.

•    Private party service where both organisers and guests may celebrate with their dogs in events in our dedicated private event spaces.

By bringing your dog to our dog friendly venues or events, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below:


•    All owners are responsible for their own dogs at all times in All Star Lanes.

•    All dogs must be supervised by their owners at all times.

•    All dogs must be on leads, unless it’s advertised as an "off lead" event, well behaved and well socialised.

•    Should there be any damage to bowling equipment or the venue, we reserve the right to charge the cost of the repairs to the dog owner.

•    No aggressive dogs are allowed at All Star Lanes. We ask that you do not bring any dogs who are unwell and that are recovering from any kinds of surgery or illness and dogs in season cannot attend any events. We want the best experience for all. 

•    We cannot take responsibility for any dogs or their actions while at any of our events or in our public areas, it is the sole responsibility of the dog owner. It is your responsibility to have appropriate pet insurance that covers harm to a person or dog.

•    If there are any altercations, issues or incidents during All Star Lanes dog friendly events or in our public areas, you will be expected to resolve the issue between each relevant parties, it is the responsibility of all owners to resolve any disputes with each other.

•    Management reserve the right to ask the dog and dog owner to leave the venue if these terms and conditions are not met.